About us

In 1928 Marco Mehler founded a synthetic leather and rubber shoes company in Barcelona, Spain. It was at this moment that we entered the universe of differentiated products. In 1938 Marco Mehler decided to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and there he founded Adatex. In a short time, it assumed market leadership with its shoe fabrics, but soon it would venture again to another country.

In Brazil, Adatex was founded in 1954 by Marco Mehler and his son Roberto Mehler. They then established the industrial park in Jacareí, São Paulo, in 1959. Today, with the third and fourth generation in charge of the company, it produces the best yarns for the market, always looking to bring innovations and smart solutions to its customers.

In these almost 100 years of operation, the company has excelled in technological pioneering and sustainability - it was the first rubber thread producer in Brazil and operates with energy obtained from renewable sources.


Contribute to the development of the Brazilian and international textile sector in the production of yarns for all types of applications, ensuring the highest quality standards, adding value to the production chain of various segments, using high technology, and respecting employees, shareholders, suppliers, the local community and the environment.


To be a leader and reference in the national and international textile industry, seeking maximum efficiency in an innovative and sustainable way.


• Excellence and Efficiency
• Innovation
• Ethics and Integrity
• Respect and Valuing People
• Sustainability