Special Yarns


Special Yarns

With state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and a highly qualified technical team, Adatex is constantly developing new lines with technological attributes that guarantee a differentiated final product.

Thread used for shoes that provides comfort, lightness and breathability to the shoes.

When heat is applied the yarn fuses with the other fibers of the fabric. It provides structure and is used for knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and shoes.

Yarn with properties that provide protection against viruses and bacterias by disabling those present on the textile surface.

It is an intelligent yarn that ensures more comfort and better performance for sports. DRYFYL technology transports heat and sweat from the inside to the outside of clothing extremely efficiently.

Yarn that absorbs human body heat and emits long infrared rays back into the body. This property of the yarn helps to improve blood circulation.

With the union of two or more yarns, Adatex is able to create blends that add beauty to products with different effects and different colors.
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